Application Engineer, Power Generation

Job Description

Core Responsibilities
1. Solid understanding of power generation system design, application and engineering to provide solutions to customer needs.
2. Must acquire and analyze customer needs and its technical problem, making recommendations to the team to satisfy needs and develop power generation solutions.
3. Conduct comprehensive site visits and attentive to details.
4. Conduct research and analysis in order to find the best-fit components suitable for integration into systems based on the application, operation profile, operational conditions and mission of the final products stipulated by the customer / consultant / end users specifications.
5. Implementation of simulation and sensitivity analysis for each proposed selection in order to reach to the best fit with the required performance.
6. Support the sales team with the technical marketing intelligent.
7. Achieves thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task
8. Design / Configure power generation sub-systems, automation systems and components (LV / MV Switchgears, Control panels, ventilation system, fuel system…..etc.) meeting the project/tender requirements.
9. Configure the system integration and specify the specifications to suppliers.
10. Verify sub-suppliers technical proposals and its compliance with the project/tender requirements.
11. Creating power generation system operation philosophy.
12. Prepare technical submittals of power generation solutions and follow up technical approvals.
13. Present technical features of power generation solutions to customer / consultants / end users.
14. Prepare the final BOM to the suppliers prior to place the orders.
15. Upon receipt the order; hand over the project technical aspects and requirements to the project-processing engineer with formal MOM to be attached in the project master file.


6 years proven experience in power generation projects design, calculation and configuration.


Has the commissioning skills.
Possess strong communication abilities.
Excellent mathematical skills and the capacity to facilitate teamwork across departments.
Proven network within the industry specially consultants and end users.
Perfect command of written & spoken English.
Excellent in MS Office Applications: Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.
Excellent knowledge of AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.


Job Ref: J-01353
Location: United Arab Emirates

Additional Requirements

Driving license required: Yes


Position type: Full Time
Date published: 30/06/2022
Date expired: 09/07/2022