Workshop Supervisor

Job Description

  • Provide troubleshooting and required support to workshop
  • Establish and assure that the workshop loading is matching with the workshop facility, manpower and workshop equipment
  • Monitor and follows the workshop loading system and assure high efficiency of productive employees
  • Maintains inventory of tools and equipment
  • Assure that all employees are kept informed about product changes and service methods
  • Orders and maintains adequate inventory of all needed service control forms and service promotion materials
  • Submit proposals for purchase of new tools, consumables and equipment to the service manager.
  • Analyze reasons for repeat jobs
  • Developing long-term relationships with clients through managing and interpreting their requirements;
  • Persuading clients that a product or service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery
  • Negotiating quotations, contract terms and conditions to meet both client and company needs
  • Assure safe working environment for the employees and ensure safety of the customer, company property


  • Minimum 4-5 years experience as service engineer in relevant field


  • Should be very knowledgeable about warranty policy, service techniques, service parts etc.
  • Computer skills
  • Communication skills
  • Language skills
  • Leadership and control skills


Job Ref: J-01301
Location: United Arab Emirates

Additional Requirements

Driving license required: Yes


Position type: Full Time
Date published: 30/06/2022
Date expired: 05/05/2022